Get Ready For an Expandable Capacity

The industry is constanly facing changing and growing demands. Production processes get increasingly complex as business move toward larger scales or upgrade existing systems. But how to manage all that ? Bigger energy bill, limited personnel, higher operating cost.............

As the notion of InPlant, an innovative total solution for Intelligent Plants, with its 20 years of experience from user needs to help you prepare for expandable capacities in near future. The future for industries will be totally automated while being environmentally, energy efficient, safer and simple to operate.

We hand over the key to such an intelligent large-scale plant right to you. With this key, you can easily manage both production and resource with unprecedented efficiency.

Over the longterm, your plant will be developing forward a sustainable, variable and profitable with minimum cost and maximum output.

InPlant Total Solution

Base on years of technology accumulation and profound understanding of intergrated automation construction model of process industries enterprises, SPC put forward InPlant (Intelligent Plant) Total Solution specifically to the characteristics of industrial enterprises, by adopting advanced computer, network, information and monitor technologies.

InPlant is an open solution. It employs a four-layer structure from the bottom to top, each layer has its own functionalities, meantime the four layers share a common dynamic platform that is compatible of individual system.

With a deep understanding and extensive experience in process industries, SPC helps improve product quality rate and conversion efficiency while reducing energy and raw material consumption by SPC advance modeling technique, control technology and real-time optimization.

Above are just a few of the many automation services that SPC offers. Please contact us for more detail information.…